BHA702 Hearing amplifier for seniors

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Britzgo Hearing Amplifier BHA-800 ( Rechargeable )

BHA-800 Rechargeable 

Rechargeable, small size and low distortion. 

The BHA-800 is for those looking for superior amplification. The separate left and right ear volume control allows custom comfort for each individual. The BHA-800 contains a high-grade microphone and processor providing maximum gain. 


Reliable, with an easy going 90 day return policy, and a one year warranty. It is no wonder that the BHA-800 is one of our most popular sellers.

Save on batteries by simply plugging your Hearing Amplifier into the wall!



• Super Efficient Power Consumption
• Rechargeable Long Life Battery
• Adjustable for Either Ear
• On / Off switch
• Modern Stylish Design and Ready to wear
• Full Digital Circuitry
• Battery Current Drain: <1.5mA


What’s in the Kit?

• Premium  Hearing Amplifier
• Compact carrying case
• 3 Different size ear tips for a good fit and comfort
• Power Cord and Charger
• Cleaning brush
• Easy to read instructions