November 13, 2018


Thanksgiving is nearing, which means we can soon see Macy’s annual parade and enjoy feasting on foods of the season. Most of us are fortunate enough to spend this wonderful holiday with loved ones with no lack of delicious meals. However, for others, getting a hot nutritious meal is a daily struggle.
   At HearingAmplifier, we are very passionate about spreading awareness on senior issues. Did you know that over 10000 baby boomers reach the age of 65 every single day? As age increases, mobility declines. Nearly 9 million seniors face threat of hunger, and almost 7 million live in poverty, that’s an income of $228 a week or less. 83% of low income and food insecure seniors do not receive the support they did. Food insecurity can shorten life span by 14 years, and for seniors who live alone and cannot move around easily, loneliness can cause health effects similar to smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Thankfully, there exists an amazing charity that fights to reduce the numbers in these upsetting statistics – Meals on Wheels.
    Meals on Wheels started 1954 and is now a massive charity that runs in almost every community in America, and helps out nearly 2.4 million seniors annually. They focus on providing food and companionship for seniors in need, mainly those above 60. Meals on Wheels has group gatherings at senior centers and cafes, allowing mobile seniors to enjoy food while interacting with others. For senior who face mobility as an issue, food is delivered right to the homes, allowing them to interact with the kind-hearted volunteers. This is an amazing charity, and is the only federally supported program of its kind. However, being underfunded remains an issues. They are now serving 16 million fewer meals than 2005 as the cost of food, transportation, and labour is increasing.
      The HearingAmplifer family hopes that Meals on Wheels can continue its reign for many years to come. We want to ensure more seniors are able to get the nutrition and companion they need and desire. We are constantly trying to find different ways to help out. This year, just in time for thanksgiving, we made a donation to the charity though We want to contribute to making seniors healthy and happy, and through this gesture, we want to show that we appreciate our seniors. Meals on Wheels is one of our favourite charity, and we hope we can spread the word. We want others to be aware of seniors issues, and encourage others to help out by donating and volunteering.
     Lastly, HearingAmplifier would like to thank you for reading, wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and please, remember to help those in need.