BHA702 Hearing amplifier for seniors

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Hearing Aid Amplifier with "Smart" Digital Noise Cancelling - BHA-902S

Hearing Amplifier with "Smart" Digital Noise Cancelling 

Our most technologically advanced Amplifier available! Full of advanced circuitry and equipped with Smart Noise Cancellation,  the BHA-902 is by far our best and most reliable product. No expense has been spared to ensure that the BHA-902 has the best feedback reduction and noise cancelling capabilities available.  This advanced Amplifier helps ensure that every sound is as clear as possible. 

See how easy it is to use the BHA-902

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•  Full Digital Circuitry
• Feedback Reduction
• Smart Noise Cancelling
 2 Frequency Modes
•  Left and Right Tubes for Either Ear
• High and Low Tone Control
 Digital Volume Control
• Battery Current Drain: <1.8mA

What’s in the Kit?

• Premium wireless Hearing Amplifier
• Compact carrying case
• 3 Different size ear tips for a good fit and comfort
• Replaceable left and Right Ear Tubes
• Two Long life batteries
• Cleaning brush
• Easy to read instructions

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