October 29, 2018


     Fall Equinox, the day in September when hours of day and night are roughly equal. Now before you start looking for colorful leaves, it is probably too early in the seasons to see any obvious fall signs. In fact, pumpkins probably did not arrive on the shelves yet, although Starbuck’s famous fall drink – the Pumpkin Spiced Latte, has been since August. Seasonal fall foods are not only a treat to our taste buds but are also good for your hearing!
    Pumpkin, the first thing we think of when it comes to fall foods, is filled with nutrients. Vitamin A, which pumpkin has 200% of the recommended daily allowance, is essential for your immune system. A strong immune system can prevent bacteria from attacking the body, including ones that lead to ear infection. Pumpkin is also a strong source of Vitamin C, which protects the inner ear. So enjoy that pumpkin pie, or search online for some pumpkin recipes, and take advantage of the health benefits!
    Squash, similar to pumpkin, contains Vitamin A, Vitamin B and folate. Low levels of folic acid may be related to high frequency hearing loss, therefore, this is another nutrient-filled food worthy of getting into your fall recipes.
     Apples, although available all year around, tend to be extra crispy and fresh during the fall seasons. Apples are full of vitamin A, C and potassium, coming together to protect the structure of the inner ear. This easy-to-eat fruit contains almost no sodium, fat, or cholesterol, and its health benefits go beyond protecting the ear. Whether you like to eat them as they are, or as a delicious apple pie, make sure to never leave apples out of your grocery list.

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    Happy fall equinox everyone!


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