December 14, 2018


December is finally here, we at HearingAmplifier waited long for the most festive month of the year. Christmas lights are beautifully lit up everywhere we go, shopping centers are filled with excited shoppers, we can’t help but wonder, will we have a white Christmas this year? December is a magical month for its arrival lifts peoples’ moods, it brings families together, and despite being one of the coldest month of the year, it makes us feel warmth and comfort. During the previous month, members of the HearingAmplifier family got together to discuss plans for the holidays. Who knew, an hour discussion brought out so many loving and beautiful, stories. One particular story was especially touching, and with the approval of our team member, we’d liked to share it with you.

    One of our amazing graphic designers, Melina, is from England. Melina is young, talented but works abroad by herself, away from her family. Although she has many friends, the absence of her family makes her feel lonely, especially during the holiday seasons. In 2016, she wasn’t able to go back home for Christmas due to lack of time. To make matters worse, her three roommates all went home to their families. Melina didn’t want to be alone on Christmas day, she felt depressed and was starting to wonder if working abroad is worth it.

    In the building that she lives in, there is an elder lady who is her neighbour. The elder lady walks her dog early mornings and in the evenings, and always greets Melina and her roommates with the kindest smile. During Christmas Eve that year, Melina stayed in, ordered take out, and Face timed with her family in England. The sight of all her family gathering while she’s alone in the apartment made her feel empty. To keep her mind off things, she decided to go to her friend’s place. As she was heading out, she saw the elder lady with her dog. After greeting her, Melina found out that the family of the elder lady couldn’t come see her due to busy work schedule. Melina said goodbye to the elder lady and went to her friend’s place. However, the entire night, she couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that just like herself, the elder lady could not be with family tonight.
    The next day, Christmas Day, Melina found herself knocking on the elder lady’s door. They went out for breakfast together and chatted for hours about many things. Melina’s decision to accompany the elder lady on this special holiday made her forget about how lonely she felt. Couple days later, the elder lady gifted Melina a hand-knitted scarf to thank her for bringing her such a magical surprise. Melina’s simple act of kindness may have saved Christmas for the both of them.

      At HearingAmplifier, we believe in Christmas miracle and we hope that everyone is lucky enough to witness one. This is a month of love, warmth, and kindness. Let’s welcome December together; let’s celebrate December together.
    Thank you for reading.