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Shari Eberts "Making peace with my hearing loss"

June 06, 2017

Shari Eberts "Making peace with my hearing loss"

Shari Eberts is a hearing health advocate and writer. She blogs at "living with hearing loss".

"We live in a noisy world"

When you have hearing loss, it impacts every minutes of your daily life. Communication in general takes more effort and concentration than it does for those without Hearing Loss and can sometimes be exhausting.

Shari Eberts suffering from a genetic hearing loss that she first notice in her mid to last twenties. It has gotten progressively worse since then she's now wearing hearing aids every day.

Her father had hearing loss but never discussed it. Her grandmother had hearing loss too, but pretended she did not. Shari spends years in denial about her own hearing loss and another 10 years hiding it.

She grew up the child with someone with hearing loss and as far as she can remember her family was not supportive with her father. She explains that her mother ofter whisper things that he could not hear.

Her father never draw attention on his disability, he never asked anyone to speak up or face him when they spoke, he never asked for a quiet seat at a restaurant.

When Shari has begun to having hearing problems, she hid it, following his example. Her behaviour changes when she had children.

Shari Eberts suffers from genetic hearing loss that she may have passed on to her children, then she decided to stop hiding. If they children did have an issue, she doesn't want them to feel embarrassed and ashamed of it.

Through her blog Shari Eberts wants to help people with hearing loss. She describes things she can't do anymore like hearing in the dark or being a jury duty but also the way to improve it like how to have a better conversation with someone with hearing loss, protect your eyes and you hearing...

Don't forget that even if a disability is not readily apparent you have to understand it and try you best to help the person.

Shari Eberts is such an inspiring person for people suffering from hearing loss, but she's also for those living with people with hearing loss. 

Show your support to your loved ones suffering from hearing loss and help them to live with.

All this article is writing from Shari's blog, have a look, it's awesome :

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