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August 21, 2018


We love reading personal, handwritten notes from our clients. Therefore, we are starting a monthly segment called: Client Appreciation! We will be posting three notes every month to thank our customers who took their time to write us reviews. All names, signatures and addresses will be blocked for privacy purposes. With that said, let’s take a look at this month’s notes from our amazing clients!

“To all y’all:
 this is a terrific product, helps me everyday. Thanks for doing what you do!!!!”

“Attention: repres. Staff
        Thank you for the recent exchange on the enclosed *hearingamplifier. I appreciate your immediate attention to this.
      *ps, ordered by my daughter via amazon.”

“Thank you for the quick response. Twenty years in the air force took a toll on my ears. I’ve tried numerous devices – to no avail. I’m 84 now and I’ll get along ok. My 81 year old wife has been my hearing aid for quite a while.”


from HearingAmplifier, thank you very much!

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